The Bowery Presents


Holy Fuck, DJ Stas THEE Boss

Fri, December 13, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Webster Hall

New York, NY

This event is 18 and over

"!!!, which can be pronounced by repeating any one-syllable percussive sound three times (e.g., "chk chk chk"), formed in 1996 after the demise of the Yah Mos; while on tour, members of that post-hardcore act envisioned forming a band oriented toward danceable music, and once they returned to their native Sacramento, CA, they turned the concept into an actual group. The band quickly became an eight-member ensemble: Nic Offer on vocals, Mario Andreoni on guitar, Justin van der Volgen on bass, Dan Gorman on trumpet and percussion, Tyler Pope on guitar, Allan Wilson on saxophone and percussion, Mikel Gius on drums, and Jason Racine on percussion.
!!! spent its first few years developing its groove-oriented, post-punk-indebted sound while playing local house parties. At the same time, Offer, Pope, and van der Volgen were in a dub-inflected instrumental outfit called Out Hud. After releasing a 7" on Hopscotch and a split single with Out Hud in 1998, the two bands issued a split full-length, a 1999 release jointly sponsored by Gold Standards Laboratories (a Sacramento label) and Zum (a San Francisco zine).
After extensive touring of the States, !!! released a self-titled album on GSL in December 2000. Soon after, the band re-entered the studio and recorded enough material for a follow-up. Some members moved to New York, but the group remained intact and active as it booked regional tours. In 2003, the band issued Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story), its first release -- a ringing, hypnotic single nine minutes in length -- for Touch and Go. It set the tone for 2004's politically charged Louden Up Now, mixed to bold effect by Maurice Fulton. The relatively lighthearted Myth Takes and Strange Weather, Isn't It? (their first for new label Warp) were the band's third and fourth albums, released respectively in March 2007 and August 2010." - Josh Eppart, AllMusicGuide
Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck blasted out opulent streams of saturated melody, clouds of glitter and confetti, nitrous-boosted dance dynamics…Holy Fuck set the bar awfully high."
-Pitchfork Media

"The sound ranges from Nintendo-ish blips and beeps to space-age-y static and more typical electronic fare: huge freakout breakbeats anchored by swiveling bass guitar. What's surprising about Holy Fuck is the band's range of registers. Though most of the set is upbeat, faux-trad indie-dance music, a few pieces thrown in at the end hit melancholy notes, with Walsh's yearning melodica sliding in and out of a sober five-note backriff. The set ends with a reverb-heavy, sun-is-rising/new-day-is-born meditation on life. It's something that could have been copped from Sigur Ros—it's that earnest and genuine."

"…We joined the entranced crowd and and swiftly got lost in Holy Fuck's otherworldly backdrop video and all of the previously unseen worlds of multi-layered psychedelic mayhem it was revealing. Combine that with the Holy Fuck foursome's pummeling funk bass, rollicking drum-kit and fire-hazard-like tables of wires and effects, and you were looking at two instantly catapulted heads full of rhythm and psych "
-Eye Magazine

"Call them purveyors of unintelligent dance music - the laptop-free Holy Fuck soundsystem couldn't care less. They'll keep tweakin', twistin' and punching their effects pedals, turntables, film synchronizer, bass and drums in an engrossing improv dubwise style."
-Now Magazine

"This Canadian mega-group ply an interesting trade of organic electronica where they shun all usage of laptops, pre-programmed backing tracks in favor of Real Instruments with Real Soul creating experimental improvised songs where not even they know what will happen."
-Drowned in Sound

"Holy Fuck shows are frantic, exuberant realizations of time and place, extemporaneous music-making sessions more open to the possibilities of improvisation than most American acts toting a jamtag"
-Independent Weekly

"You will have the contours of your brain worn down by shards of liquid magma noise and you will embrace every second with the grin of a baby that has just discovered its feet at the end of its legs." UK
Venue Information:
Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street
New York, NY, 10003