The Bowery Presents
The Decemberists

The Decemberists

Julien Baker

Mon, April 17, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn, NY

$45 ($129 - VIP*)

This event is 16 and over

*Corporal Bradley Level VIP Package

One (1) general admission ticket
Invitation to a pre-show event in the venue, featuring:
- 2-song performance by The Decemberists
- Q&A session with The Decemberists
- Cash bar*
One (1) limited-edition Carson Ellis-designed tour poster, signed/dated by the poster artist and signed by the band
One (1) The Whole Shebang Super Concert Action Package patch
Crowd-free merchandise shopping experience
On-site concert host
*Local liquor laws apply

The Decemberists
The Decemberists
Julien Baker
Julien Baker
Sometimes, things just seem to happen for a reason. The pieces fall into place in unexpected ways, and life takes a turn no one could have predicted. This rings strikingly true for the solo career of Memphis, Tennessee's Julien Baker.

For years, Baker and a group of close friends have performed as the band Forrister (formerly The Star Killers), but when college took her four hours away, her need to continue creating found an outlet through solo work. The intent was never to make these songs her main focus, yet the process proved to be startlingly cathartic. As each song came into shape, it became more apparent that Baker had genuinely deep, surprisingly dark stories to tell from her thus far short life (she turns 20 this fall). Tales of her experiences are staggering, and when set to her haunting guitar playing, the results are gut wrenching and heartfelt, relatable yet very personal. There's something wonderfully hypnotizing about Baker gently confessing her soul with such tremendous honesty.

At the prompting of a friend, Baker ventured to Richmond, Virginia to record a number of her new songs at Spacebomb Studios. The tracks from this session were circulated among Baker's friends, meeting high praise and lots of encouragement for the songs to see a proper release. Soon, she found a home on 6131 Records' increasingly diverse roster, and plans were made to release her debut full length, 'Sprained Ankle.'

To call 'Sprained Ankle' a happy accident would be misleading as to the nature of these poignant, emotive songs. Yet no one, least of all Baker, could have predicted she'd be releasing an album, especially as a solo artist. Thankfully, now the world will be able to share in her passion and sorrow.
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Steel
319 Frost Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11222