The Bowery Presents
Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf

Phantoms, AOBeats

Fri, August 25, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn, NY

$25 advance / $30 day of show ($75 Meet & Greet Package*)

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This event is 18 and over

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- One general admission ticket
- VIP early entry into the venue
- Exclusive meet & greet with Jai Wolf
- Personal polaroid photograph with Jai Wolf; autographed
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Jai Wolf
Jai Wolf
Born in Bangladesh, Sajeeb Saha -- the force behind the indie-electronic Jai Wolf project -- bounced around quite a bit before finally settling in New York City. "I called Bangladesh, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York all my home before I turned 15."

Regardless of his changing environments, he kept his music studies consistent. "I started violin at age 5 and continued to learn until the end of High School," says Saha. However, once he had earned his spot in the New York All State Orchestra, he felt he had gone as far as he wanted to with the violin. He wanted something new.

"Originally my parents didn't want me to listen to anything except for traditional Bengali and classical music -- they were afraid I'd lose my roots. But by the time I was a teenager, they became accepting of American music, and I began my exploration."

In 2011, Saha started that exploration under the monicker No Pets Allowed. Within a few years, his mashups and bootleg remixes began to generate attention, quickly rising within the internet music community.

However, at the top of 2014, Saha decided to part ways with the project and start something new. "I realized I wanted to make music forever, and I didn't want to leave my legacy with a name like No Pets Allowed. I didn't want to be boxed into making dubstep or EDM in general. I wanted to make authentic music that would last forever."

With the momentum generated through his previous project, Saha dove head first into the Jai Wolf project. Within the first few months, the project began to land a string of official remix opportunities throughout 2014 for established artists including Melanie Martinez, Dirty South, Alesso and ODESZA -- each remix landing the #1 spot on Hype Machine (an organic, internet version of Billboard's Top 100). His biggest break came in late 2014 when Skrillex put the official stamp on one of Jai Wolf's bootlegs.

"Skrillex has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I had messaged him the remix, but I didn't actually expect him to hear it. Next thing I know, someone tweets out that Skrillex dropped my remix at Glastonbury festival and soon after he signs it to Owsla."

Soon after, Jai Wolf began to perform across the country with some consistency, including a debut festival performance at Coachella.

In the summer of 2015, Jai Wolf released his debut single Indian Summer through ODESZA's label Foreign Family Collective.

"The success of Indian Summer has been so incredibly humbling. It's the first time I've created a track where I was completely true to myself."

As of July 2016, Indian Summer has sold over 70,000 singles, has gone #1 on Spotify's US Viral Chart and #2 on iTunes' Electronic Chart, earned a spot on Triple J's Top 100 in Australia, and has received national sync placements including "American Idol," "How To Get Away With Murder" and with the NBA.

In May 2016, Jai Wolf released his follow up single, "Drive," once again through Foreign Family Collective. In just a few weeks, the cinematic track collected over 1 million plays on both Soundcloud and Spotify.

Saha's journey from classical music to electronic music, and from No Pets Allowed to Jai Wolf is a compelling example of growth and success.

"It took me a while, but I finally feel comfortable making the music that I've always wanted to make. I feel like being my authentic self while creating music has been the reason for any of its success."
Phantoms want to bring back the night. While some enjoy music designed for fist-pumping, Phantoms yearn for a more transcendental experience. Crafting their debut album effortlessly spanning multiple genres while still finding a cohesive thread of what’s next, Phantoms take their listeners from the depths of the underground, to the heights of classic hit-making and back; an intrinsic journey echoing the musings off all things that go bump in the night.

Together the duo of Vincent Pergola and Kyle Kaplan create sophisticated arrangements and tension-filled pop that reminds listeners of the sound’s nocturnal foundations. Their songs evoke a world rich in subterranean settings, mysterious characters, and desperate situations. Phantoms is for remembering that it’s called nightlife for a reason. “as denizens of the night ourselves, we take a purposeful and constant front row to the impact of the social dynamics of nightlife in people’s everyday being,” says Kaplan. “It is fun, but there always a unique story to everyone’s personal journey through the night.”

Though only in their mid-20s, Pergola and Kaplan are already veterans of the Los Angeles scene. The pair are natives of the city and met when they were in their teens, both of them burning out on the acting scene, part and parcel to the never ending party life they’d been part of. Indulging their growing love of making music, at first they started bands inspired by the populist funk they’d grown up around—Pergola’s father and accomplished rhythm guitarist in numerous outfits and Kaplan’s uncle Rory handled keyboards for Michael Jackson during the Bad era. Later the two discovered Daft Punk and the Ed Banger Records crew, who kept the energy high, but brought a distinct groove and traditional song structures to the endless throb of most dance music. Taking on the name Phantoms, they began Djing at spots for the “young Hollywood” set.

Soon Phantoms began to gravitate back towards producing their own music, embracing synthesizers and drum machines, but yearning for something more dynamic and exciting. They began playing and reworking their tracks live around the city, donning suits and creating a dramatic atmosphere. It’s a far cry from the mega raves and big money residences that have come to dominate the perception of the electronic music scene. “We’re constantly striving to instill a sense of class back into dance music” says Pergola. “We want to craft a performance and actually make it a show. It’s more than just track after track and drop after drop. We aim high to take our audience on an elaborate journey into the night”.

After a self-titled EP released on Skrillex’s OWSLA label in 2013, Phantoms’ sound has continued to progress. They’ve recently released “Voyeur” and “Broken Halo,” two new tracks from their forthcoming full-length global debut on Republic/Casablanca/FAMILY records. The album was recorded during sessions that stretched into the early AM hours at the Downtown L.A. studio and artist development outfit, FAMILY, which plays home to a melting pot of ultimately diverse artists who constantly strive to define what’s next in music and push each other and their audiences to unchartered territory. Phantoms uncanny ability to reinvent the norm leaves them poised for a breakout 2016.

As the music of Phantoms continues to spread, it’s becoming clear that the night is theirs, and soon will be all of ours to share.
Venue Information:
Brooklyn Steel
319 Frost Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11222