The Bowery Presents
Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro

Jessica 6 Live

Fri, November 30, 2012

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Webster Hall

New York, NY

$20 advance / $22 day of show

This event is 18 and over

Sam Sparro
Sam Sparro
It's easy to list the achievements of musician Sam Sparro.
His platinum break-out hit, Black & Gold charted top 20 in 14 countries and earned him a Grammy Nomination. His self titled album debuted top 5 in the UK and earned Gold certification and further praise from the world's media. He has collaborated with Basement Jaxx, Mark Ronson, DJ Mason & DMC, remixed Kimbra, OK Go and Sky Ferriera and has written songs for the likes of Adam Lambert and Natasha Beddingfield. There are the celebrated live shows and sets at all the biggest festivals, and prestigious MTV and ARIA nominations in his native Australia (and all before the age of 29)
What's more difficult, is trying to define Sam Sparro - the Artist, but this is what makes him so interesting.
Part soul crooner, part pop star with an ever-morphing, chameleon-like quality, Sam coasts a fine line between disarmingly earnest and a chic, credible cool.  He has become known not only for his distinct, scale-defying vocals and epic live shows, but also as a visual artist and style icon, inspired as much by Jean-Paul Goode and Andy Warhol as he is by Prince and James Murphy.
If you believe in destiny – music was Sam's. If you don't, perhaps you could explain this talent as 'simply genetic'. His grandfather a celebrated Jazz musician, his father a gospel minister and recording artist, his mother an organ player and his brother a professional guitarist – it was a childhood filled with music.
"Music was something that I was always around and always did. Everyone in my family was musical, going back 5 generations! I was always around people playing instruments and singing and performing".
Sam recalls working as early as 4 years of age, but things shifted a gear at the ripe old age of 11 when he began singing professionally on children's records, gospel records and on TV commercials.

It was when his family moved from Australia to Los Angeles in 1993 that he became entrenched in music, spending every free moment playing his keyboard, programming beats, and singing with his church choir, led by the McCrary Sisters (who sang with musical legends- Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Chaka Khan).  His musical taste and knowledge stretches far and wide - from soul classics and pop obscurities to dance floor staples and mainstream delights.
Less than satisfied with the life of a regular 16 year old, Sam left school and the comforts of home and headed back to Sydney for a brief stint in music publicity.  
Shortly after that he moved to London and paid the bills by working in major record label mailrooms.  He was consumed with the energy of London's music and club scene and began moonlighting as a "bedroom" producer/songwriter.  
A few years later Sam returned to Los Angeles and met Jesse Rogg, producer and label owner.  They almost immediately became collaborators and soon after released Sam's debut EP on Rogg's indie MODUS VIVENDI MUSIC imprint.  
The EP went viral and found itself in the hands of record execs and radio DJs- namely Radio 1's Annie Mac and Pete Tong, who immediately began playing the tunes.   Within weeks Sam was the focus of a music industry bidding war.
He scored a record deal with Island records and in 2008 he hit the mark with his career changing single Black & Gold –which was labeled "unquestionably, the single of the year!" ( ), "the years most enduring disco staple" (Q) and "a slick electro-soul masterpiece" (Guardian).
The music buying public agreed with the critical acclaim and the single that went to number two in the UK, number four in Australia and top 20 in 14 countries.
His peers were also impressed, with Beyonce, Cee-Lo Green, Katy Perry, and Mark Ronson all amongst his new fans (but it's Adele's cover of Black & Gold that is his personal favourite).

"Sam can be warmly welcomed in both your heart and dance-floor butt" (NME), "Like Marvin Gaye hangin' with LCD Soundsystem" (The Observer), "This is a daring, crisp, modern soul album, rich in ideas and soul quality" (Observer Music Magazine), "Welcome Sam Sparro, 21st century boy with the world at his feet" (The Sun), "The new King of Pop" (Daily Star).

More success followed with the subsequent singles 21st Century Life and Pocket.
His live performances found him touring with the likes of Adele and Robyn, eventually, headlining his own tour and playing festivals around the world including Glastonbury and Coachella.
The Guardian declared Sam "a superb singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and programmer" and "has what it takes to become a household name".  
And by 2010 he was well on his way.
For the past two years Sam has been working on his anticipated sophomore album RETURN TO PARADISE.

It took a considerable amount of time as Sam was determined to get it right.
"It is the product of a lot of experimenting and songwriting – I changed direction at least 2-3 times, completely. I started doing more rock oriented stuff, then I went in a pop direction and then through the process of scrap booking stuff that was inspiring me I ended up with an album that was influenced by music from 1978 to 1984".
RETURN TO PARADISE is a play on nostalgia and "paradise garage" – a genre derived from the hedonistic discotheque scene in New York in the late 70s that began in a parking lot giving rise to the term "garage" famous for it's unique and eclectic style of disco and dance music.
The central themes are love and loss and the quest for inner joy and happiness.
"A lot of the songs are about me trying to find my sense of innocence and peace of mind and things that I felt had escaped me for a while".
Whilst drawing on influences from the 70s and 80s the album is very contemporary with a modern take on these themes.
Working between the USA and UK – Sam is conscious of the sense of disillusion and struggle many people are facing.

"I know things in Australia are still pretty good but things in America – especially with the economy, people are struggling and disillusioned and looking for escapism and when times are tough people resort to nostalgia".
During the process of making this album Sam says he tapped into a new found confidence to become a more prolific song-writer and generally more self assured.
"I'm more comfortable now and I've left things a little bit raw and not completely polished – so much modern pop music is so polished that you lose the soulfulness and essence and human touch."
Return To Paradise challenges this and triumphs!
"I'm really proud of this whole record, there is nothing on it that I'm not absolutely proud to stand next to"

Jessica 6 Live
Jessica 6 Live
The mythology of Jessica 6 began with the first inception of Andy Butler's Nu-Disco and 90's house revivalist group Hercules & Love Affair. The troop took the world stage by storm, with New York vocalist Nomi Ruiz fronting the 8 piece band. Together they paved the way for those who would come after, leaving a door wide open for queer artists and forever changing the landscape of indie dance music.

After a year of non-stop touring, band drama and rendezvous with Karl Lagerfeld & Donatella Versace, Nomi Ruiz left HALA behind. She returned to New York, locked herself in Midnight Sun Studios and began writing what would become 'See The Light' an album documenting her experience during and after Hercules & Love Affair. She worked under the alias Jessica 6, a character from the 1967 novel Logan's Run, who escapes from an oppressed underground society to find life above.

She hit the world stage once again, working her way into the hearts of millions with the lead single 'White Horse'. The video, directed by Marco Ovando, which captured New York by night reached 1.7 million views and gained the attention of Diesel's artistic director & stylist Nicola Formichetti. Widely known for his collaboration with Lady Gaga, Nicola styled Nomi for her feature in V magazine, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh and featured her in a provocative campaign film for Mugler Menswear titled "Brothers of Aracadia"

Jessica 6 was then asked to perform on Greece's MAD TV Music Awards as an international guest where Nomi was introduced to producer/songwriter ELIOT whose vintage, electro, synth-pop sound made left a big impression on her. Enough so, that after touring 'See The Light' Nomi relocated to Greece and began working on new material with ELIOT while simultaneously collaborating with choreographer/dancer Georgia Sanford & dancer Viva Soudan to produce an entirely new live show.

Together with ELIOT as head producer & engineer, Nomi completed Jessica 6's sophomore album titled 'The Storm Inside', an album drenched in melodic synth lines, slamming 808's and styles that range from Electro-pop, Deep House, 80's New Wave, and 90's Soul.

The albums opening track 'Shadow Dancer', produced by Eli Escobar, picks up where 'White Horse' left fans behind… in the dark corners of a nightclub. She introduces you to the albums main theme when she sings "your a shadow dancer, looking for trouble under your shame, and your gonna get your way"

The lyrical content of 'The Storm Inside' is one of Nomi's most personal to date. She addresses shameful lovers with songs like 'Drunk On Your Love', a hybrid between a Stevie B freestyle ballad and modern day trap music produced by ELIOT, where Nomi sings, "heard you said you would've loved me if I was born right" and 'Down Low' where she lures you in with hints of oral sex, purring over a minimal deep house track produced by CJ Jeff & Thodoris Triantafillou before slamming you with "lucky you live in a world where no one ever has to know, your on the down low now"

The album seesaws between shame and hope as Nomi reveals secrets on songs such as 'Bad Thing' and 'Spotlight', leaves her past in a pool of hair dye and forgiveness on 'Black On Blonde' and unveils sentiments of new love on the albums title track 'The Storm Inside' a new take on 90's r&b where Nomi is transformed into a modern day Lisa Stansfield.
Venue Information:
Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street
New York, NY, 10003