The Bowery Presents
Luscious Jackson

Luscious Jackson

All Night Chemists, ADW Young

Sat, December 7, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Webster Hall

New York, NY


This event is 18 and over

Luscious Jackson
Luscious Jackson
Luscious Jackson members Jill Cunniff, Gabby Glaser and Kate Schellenbach met as young teens on the early 1980’s NYC music scene. As underagers sneaking into CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City and other nightclubs, they were indoctrinated by the combined explosions of punk, new wave, dance and hip hop. Each weekend was an all night education that made it impossible to imagine making music that did not include as many genres as possible. The scene at this time was very small and included close friends the Beastie Boys. In 1991 Luscious Jackson sent a demo of three songs to the Beastie Boys, who decided to release the first Luscious Jackson EP “In Search Of Manny” on their new label Grand Royal Records. By this time, Luscious Jackson was a four member group that included Vivien Trimble on keyboards. The band went on to make four albums in the 1990’s and tour the world. They supported the Breeders, the Beastie Boys and REM. Luscious Jackson had a Top 40 radio hit with the song “Naked Eye” in 1996 off of their certified Gold album “Fever In, Fever Out” produced by Daniel Lanois. Tours included Lollapalooza and Lillith Fair. In 1999, after the departure of Trimble, the band released their final 1990’s album “Electric Honey”. In 2000, the group amicably disbanded to pursue other things, including starting families and careers in different fields. Now parents, Kate, Gabby and Jill are back with a new Luscious Jackson album called “Magic Hour” releasing in the Fall of 2013 on their own label City Song.
All Night Chemists
All Night Chemists
A band that writes and records a musical potion of hypnotic sounds, unforgettable melodies, deep grooves, and intricate arrangements under the BQE in north Brooklyn...
Brad Gunyon, Len Monachello, and Brandon Wilde are All Night Chemists.
Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Len Monachello, wrote, recorded, and produced their self-titled debut album in 2005. Joined at the time by former "Thisway" band mates Andy LaDue on drums and Brandon Wilde on Bass and Vocals, this foundation of the band subsequently released the records Spots(2007) and Meet Me Again(2010).
With the departure of LaDue in 2011, long time friend and musical collaborator Brad Gunyon stepped in bringing his extremely creative and fierce drumming to the core of the band. He made his Chemists recording debut on the tracks "Pushover" and "Another Day"
Since October 2012 the Chemists have been recording and releasing two songs a month. With the help of playlists from fan's, 12 of these songs will become the new All Night Chemists record and be released on December 7th.
The first single Headphones is out now along with a video.
As intended from the beginning, the trio continues to mix styles from song to song, occasionally calling in a variety of their fellow musicians to contribute. The result are performances and recordings that are truly their own.
ADW Young
ADW Young is a longtime collaborator and tour DJ for the iconic New York pop funk band Luscious Jackson.

After joining the band in 1994, ADW Young was incorporated into the live shows and produced the tracks "Fly" and "Space Diva" on the bands' third album Electric Honey, under the moniker 25 TON with then partner Musa Bailey.

Co-producing the track "Aww Turn it Up" off Luscious Jacksons' long-awaited November release, Magic Hour, 2013 marks the return of the relationship between ADW and the band.

His DJ'ing career started in 1989 while living in Sheffield, England, where he played with dance music luminaries such as Winston Hazel and Lucci Capri. With a deep rooted foundation in Soul, Jazz, Funk and Reggae, ADW has developed an essential eclectic selection that is both wide reaching and seamless.

Other projects have included DJ'ing for Chris Whitley, and releases under the names Top Cat and Leather Ghost.
Leather Ghost - Dinner With a Caucasian will be out this year on ADW Young's own imprint 88 Records.

Venue Information:
Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street
New York, NY, 10003